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let a good book change your life

Books, especially good ones, have power and if you let them they can change your life. Open the pages of the books in The Black Reserve Bookstore and you will be captivated by the words of those who help us to connect with characters, understand another’s plight or merely let us escape our
reality for a moment.

Reading is pleasure and no one knows that more than Black Reserve Bookstore owner Anwar Muhammad. He’s stocked his shelves with books that teach lessons, help to find a voice and fully engage our attention. Whether the accounts were written decades ago or only months, every book is selected to
share someone’s story giving us all an opportunity to learn something about others and ourselves.

If you are looking to find a good book to enrich your life or just a great conversation, be sure to visit Anwar at The Black
Reserve Bookstore today!

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317 W. Main Street #3
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Tell us who you think deserves to be honored as a Lansdale Business of the Month!  Each month the Economic Development Committee recognizes a Borough Business so here's your chance to let the EDC know who you think should receive this acknowledgment.
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July:  Wilson's Hardware and Locksmiths
August:  Murray's Tire and Auto
September:  Lansdale Business Center
October:  Yocum Ford
November:  Hauck's Garage
December:  Mother Goose Nursery School