Lansdale 2040: The Borough's Comprehensive Plan

In 2016, Lansdale Borough formed a task force to write a new comprehensive plan, "Lansdale 2040: the Borough's Comprehensive Plan." This will update and replace its existing, 2006 Comprehensive Plan. The Lansdale 2040 planning process is being led by Montgomery County Planning Commission; the plan will guide the Borough's development and revitalization well into the future. Thus far, the planning process for Lansdale 2040 has incorporated public feedback from hundreds of visitors to Founder's Day and the International Spring Fest. In August, the public will be invited to take a comprehensive survey focusing on four major comprehensive plan themes (check back soon for more information). Take a look at what Lansdale residents and visitors had to say about what's most important to them (PDF). Have additional comments? Email them to Mike Narcowich, AICP, or Jack Byerly.

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