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Aug 24

August 21st, 2019 Business Meeting - Mayor's Report

Posted on August 24, 2019 at 10:03 AM by Garry Herbert

On July 30th I began working on launching “The Wheelhouse” project in coordination with The Underground and Round Guys as key partners in this initiative. This project is geared toward working with local kids to provide interesting and valuable work skills that they can apply as they continue to grow in their career development. Special thanks goes out to Ryan Weiss at The Underground who is spearheading this effort and has already had several kids sign up. It is our hope that we will be able to provide a safe and interesting place for kids to spend their down time.

On August 5th I worked with staff on composing a letter to support a new business, Ur Brewery, in their endeavor to receive a state grant supporting the building the of their new facility here in Lansdale. Ur Brewery will be teaming up with Montgomery County Community College to help college students learn the brewing process and how beer was made in colonial times. By supporting this initiative we are both supporting continuing education and a new local business.

On August 7th I joined Chief Mike Trail and the rest of the LPD at National Night Out where the community could participate in fun ways to interact with our police force. Thanks goes out to everyone in the LPD who helped make the event possible. Judging by the joy I was witnessing on families faces, the event was a huge success and I am proud to say that we have a police department that really cares and values our community.

On August 9th I volunteered for First Friday where we had an amazing turnout. First Fridays continue to grow and bring more people to our community. I look forward to seeing our First Friday’s continue to develop especially as the Madison Street project nears completion.

On August 10th I attended Well Crafted’s first birthday where Representative Malagari and I enjoyed some of their excellent beer and toasted their continued success. Sadly, the day after this event Well Crafted had some water damage shut down their business for an extended period. However, I am very proud of the way our business community pulled together to continue to encourage their growth despite the set back. Many local businesses are offering pop-up locations so Well Crafted can continue to sell their beer and continue to do business. When other businesses consider where to put their business we can showcase examples like this encouraging new business owners that they are not alone and that they have partners in both their government and their neighbors.

OnAugust 17th I had Chief Trail fill in for me at the 100th Anniversary of Lansdale American Legion Post 206 where I issued a proclamation declaring August 2019 American Legion Month. The American Legion has played a vital role in our growing community. The amazing service, dedication, and passion the member of Post 206 have shown to Lansdale is greatly appreciated and will be remember for decades to come.

Finally, tonight council has passed a resolution to resume alley maintenance without taking any initial action to deal with the source of the problem, the trucks that damage the alleys. While I support the effort to fix the alleys, I find it difficult to support an initiative that moves public resources from public works jobs to a project that is geared toward property not owned by the borough AND has no measure limiting the ongoing impact.

That being said, the past cannot be changed. Residents are now relying on us to take care of the problem. And we should! That is why I would request that this council now take up the core problem of the volume of trash trucks traveling down the alleyways and roadways causing continued and accelerated damage to our infrastructure. As research across the country repeatedly shows, heavy trash trucks do as much damage to infrastructure as thousands of cars every day. The costly impact of these vehicles should not continued to be ignored, especially now that we are invested in the alleyways. I understand the challenge with moving to a single hauler. That some residents want to keep their ability to choose their hauler. However, it is incumbent upon this body the safe guard the investments we make in ourselves. That includes maximizing every dollar we put into our infrastructure to ensure its viability for future generations in our community.

As always, my office hours are Tuesday 9-5 and Saturdays 9-Noon.